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Kalvet Agro Links Ltd

We Provide Affordable,Quality And Reliable Poultry Equipment At Great Price


Who We Are

Kalvetagrolinks is a limited liability company specialised in poultry, Agro machinery equipment and consultancy services.
We are representative….

Our Mission

To provide quality and affordable poultry, Agro equipment and consultancy services, while leveraging on technology and resource personnel in our field.

Vision Statement

To be the best service and equipment provider in the poultry and Agro allied industry in Africa and beyond.

What We Sell

Control Panel
Drinking System
Egg Collection
Manure Drying Systems
Lighting System
Feed System
Ventilation Sysytem
automated feeding
Manure Removal System
Brooding Equipment
heating systems
Hatcheries & Breeding Equipment
Aviary Systems

Lets Help You Find the Right Solution

Kalvetagrolinks specialized in providing world class poultry equipment to poultry farmers. (Manual and Automatic equipment) at affordable cost.We offer a wide range of poultry equipment to our clients,find below the right solution for your poultry farm.

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Manure Waste Removal

The right accessories to keep the entire system clean and disinfected.

Drinking System

To allow a correct distribution of liquids and to water the hens in complete safety.

Manure Drying Systems

Drying mechanisms of the droppings produced in farming systems.

Feeding System

Allows proper nourishment of laying hens.

Egg Collection System

Systems designed to collect and convey eggs at multiple levels simultaneously.

Inspection Systems

Accessories that allow easy inspection of systems.

Ventilation System

An efficient ventilation system ensures a healthy environment for the growth of your chickens.

Control Panel System

These accessories allow you to control and manage the entire poultry system from a  device.


Solutions to ensure constant light and heating in indoor environments.

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