Automated drinking system for successful growth

Automated drinking system for successful growth

Kalvetagrolnks provides range of nipple systems for broilers, layers and breeders. The wide range allows you to choose the nipple and flow rate suitable to your poultry needs. The overall quality, reliability and efficient service guarantee you optimum performance for best results.

Find the right drinking system in our range

Roxell drinkers are available in different versions: 

  • nipple drinkers for all types of poultry
  • cup drinkers for all types of poultry

Discover the features of each product. View the individual solutions for water below.

Drinker Sparkcup Poultry Cup

Sparkcup drinking cup

Sparkcup™ is an automated drinking system with cups for broiler breeders, broilers, layers and turkeys.

Compact Jumbo Drinker

Compact Jumbo Drinker

Compact Jumbo drinker provides excellent water distribution for growers.

Poultry Nipple Swiiflo Drinker

Swii'Flo drinking nipples

Swii’Flo drinking nipples with housing in plastic or metal casing for all poultry

Manual Round Drinker

Manual Round Drinker

Round Drinker is specially designed to help new born chicks to find their water with ease.

Nipple drinking system

The Provision of clean and fresh water

Is our main priority. Kalvet Agro Links supply a drinking system that is therefore easy to control. Adjusting the water pressure, flushing or changing the height of the nipples are one-person jobs that can be carried out quickly and precisely.