A Ventilating System that ensure a healthy environment and optimal ventilation for poultry

Ventilation with outstanding performance and low energy use

Ventilation offering top performance – that is the best way to describe our ventilation system range. Independent tests have shown that our ventilation systems easily meet the relevant standards.


  • Tunnel, cross and chimney ventilation
  • Ventilation is regulated to guarantee the ideal temperature
  • With the increase in feed consumption, linked to the growth of animals, the minimum supply of air is proportionately increased
  • Depending on the internal and external temperature, the increase in ventilation takes place in “steps”, controlled by the fans, up to their total use.
ventilation system fans

Discover our house ventilation range

If you are looking for an air supply, extraction or circulation system, Roxell has a solution for every type of house, whatever the dimensions and layout. You can build your own ventilation system to meet your stringent requirements:

Oxsano Tunnel Fan

Oxsano™ tunnel fan

These fans is crucial to the performance and flexibility of your tunnel ventilation system.With the fans, you create the required air movement

Evaporative cooling

Evaporative cooling

Evaporative cooling system, or Pad cooling system, works by evaporating water to cool the inside of the house.

Air Inlets For Poultry Ventilation

Air inlets for ventilation

Air inlets distribute the air at low velocity in poultry houses. In a high-performance ventilation system, inlets deliver fresh air to animals,