Tecno Manure Removal

Keep the system clean and disinfected

Tecno poultry manure removal system is primarily used with the poultry cage system to dry and eliminate the poultry manure in the poultry farming cages and keep the poultry cages clean and hygienic. This chicken manure removal equipment system can provide a hygienic environment for breeding chickens.

The poultry manure removal equipment with manure belt is H type manure removal equipment. Not only the manure removal belt is made of polypropylene and located between each tier, but also the safe and regular manure removal is guaranteed by polypropylene manure belts.



  • Scraper cleaning system
  • Deep manure cleaning system
  • Belt cleaning
  • Manure conveyor belt system for removal of droppings
  • Manure is removed efficiently and effectively, saving on labor costs.
  • The machine is easy to install, operate, and maintain.
  • It offers a simple and fast temporary manure removal. Note that only continued use will provide a permanent solution.
  • Each machine set works for one to four lines, and costs much less than the average belt system.

Product Overview

manure conveyor Scraper
Intermediate cleaning system


Drops the manure from the tapes above the intermediate floors through the central space of the system. It includes drive motors with differentiated power depending on the length of the system. In addition, it is equipped with return pulleys, micro-end-run, cable-cleaning, rope-safe system and a stainless-steel scraper for each intermediate level. This simple and reliable type of scraper and its guiding feature between the baskets are the subject to a patent.

Deep Manure Removal system

Deep Manure Removal

This system is for cleaning the pit and removing the droppings underneath the system. The scrapers are sized according to the size of the pit, allowing daily or periodic cleaning to be carried out. Depending on the requirements the discharge of the droppings in the head pit or the loading on transport it is either done using screws or stable-like chains.

Belt Cleaning

Deep Manure Removal

Test and counter-bed for cleaning allow the droppings to be towed to the head of the shed. The return of the belts takes place by means of a screw which reduces and facilitates the normal operations of cleaning and maintenance of the belts.

Manure Conveyor

Manure Conveyor

Conveyor belt system for the removal of droppings from the head of the system and loading onto transport or in drying system tunnel TDS. Cleaning times are reduced due to the high speed of the belt and ventilation. The channel inside the shed can be covered by iron platforms.

Scraper Under

Manure Conveyor

This accessory allows the optimal thickness of the bedding and avoids deposition on the ground.