Tecno Manure Drying System

Drying mechanisms of the droppings produced in farming systems

The Tecno manure drying systems Compact dries manure efficiently. The uppermost tier has a larger inlet opening and thinner layer of manure, and the lowest tier has a small inlet opening with a thicker layer of manure. This approach results in faster drying and makes compact construction possible.


Advantages of the MDS system:

  • Low costs for energy and no heating installations
  • Drastic reduction of presence of ammonia (up to 95%)
  • No need to dry the manure in the battery
  • Low residual water contempt, up to a minimum of 15%
  • Low costs for the installation
  • Profitability of the final product thanks to a low weight and volume.

Product Overview

Manure Drying System MDS
MDS (Manure Drying System)

Accessories for a manure drying system produced in farms, by means of a tunnel mechanism. It includes:

  • Canopy with suitable measures for the tunnel, placed at the head on one side of the breeding shed.
  • Compression chamber formed by closing the upper space between the shed wall, the tunnel and the heads, in order to force the air out through the tunnel.
  • Tunnel with multiple levels and multiple lengths sized according to the number of birds.
  • Fans placed on the wall of the breeding shed which extracts the air by compressing it under pressure inside the tunnel system.
  • Conveyors belts, for moving the manure from the breeding shed to the tunnel and for removing the dried manure.
  • Electrical system for tunnel motors, conveyors and cleaning of the breeding shed.
Pipe and Turbine

Pipe and Turbine

Turbines placed above the systems push air through vertical tubes that convey it to additional perforated tubes placed above the manure belts inside the system. The air passes through the manure ensuring a good degree of drying.