Who We Are

Who We Are

Kalvetagrolinks is a Limited liability companyan  registered as an Agro based  marketing and consultancy company, specialised in poultry and agro machinery equipment.We are representative of some foreign companies as agents Viz Tecno Poultry Equipment of Italy, Roxell company of Belgium and others.
In collaboration with our foreign partners, we offer a wide range of services, consultancy , and turnkey projects in poultry and Agriculture in general.
Kalvet started operations in 2005, and have remained focused and committed to the growth of the poultry industry in Nigeria.

Our Vision

To be the best service and equipment provider in the poultry and Agro allied industry in Africa and beyond.

Our Mission

To provide quality and affordable poultry, Agro equipment and consultancy services, while leveraging on technology and resource personnel in our field.


Planning services

Our company support to our clients right from conception of projects. With our wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of Poultry and Agro allied investments, we are able to sit down with the client to better understand their vision, needs and fashion out viable or workable and affordable solutions tailored to enhance each project. Kalvet do not have ready made solution for every project, rather we work with the clients to produce specific solution on project to project basis.

Project services

We provide affordable solutions by way of equipment, both manual and automatic systems. With active collaboration of our foreign partners: Roxell (Belgium) and Tecno poultry equipment (Italy) and other manufacturing companies all across Europe,US and Asia.
We offer TURNKEY solutions to our prospective clients depending on their needs as well as their budget considerations.
Kalvet Agro in conjunction with our foreign clients have executed successfully numerous projects all across Nigeria.

Spare Parts

We provide spare parts as well as after sales services to ensure continuity and ensure optimal utilisation of installed equipment at optimum capacities.
Our well trained , highly motivated technicians work round the clock ensure our clients equipment run at optimal installed capacities.


Kalvet Agro provide training services on operation of our equipment after installation, further we arrange periodic visits and further trainings to clients were necessary.