Swii’Flo® drinking nipples

Swii’Flo drinking nipples with housing in plastic or metal casing for all poultry

Swii’Flo® is an automated drinking system with nipples for broiler breeders, broilers, layers and ducks. A chicken that has plenty of opportunity to drink will automatically eat more. In addition to being accessible, water must also be clean and fresh at all times. These are conditions that should always be met. Preferably automatically, without any extra work. That is why a nipple drinker, such as Swii’Flo, is a great solution.

Nipple drinker with powerful flushing system for healthy chickens in a dry house

The Swii’Flo drinking nipple has undergone the same tests as our renowned feeding systems. The system has been designed to be strong and high performing. The durable materials can withstand all commonly used cleaning products and powerful flushing. We have outlined the additional benefits below.

Features of the Swii’Flo drinking nipple

  • Complete range of nipple drinkers
  • drinking nipple for rearing or production phase
  • drip trays for higher water flow

Clean and fresh water

  • reliable flushing system for drinking lines
  • deep cleaning
  • good house hygiene with dry litter

Animal-friendly drinking system

    SPINsoft by Roxell demonstrates that perch protection can be animal-friendly, with no electricity. SPINsoft has wings that rotate on a shaft and prevent chickens from sitting on the drinking

rounded shapes

the round design of all the components limits the risk of injury.

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