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iQon™ full house computer

State-of-the-art controller

iQon™ is Roxell’s full house computer* for poultry houses. This house computer is state of the art and user friendly. Many controllers primarily control the house climate and have limited basic functions for feeding. This iQon full house computer is different because there are extensive functions and options for each of the four processesfeed, water, heating and ventilation. You can control everything from one location and device, which makes additional controllers unnecessary.

State-of-the-art and user-friendly full house computer for connected poultry farms

Use iQon either by installing one complete iQon per poultry house, or by installing one central iQon for the entire poultry site. This main computer communicates with the ‘secondary’ iQon controllers in each house. With the latter set-up, you gain a better overview, have improved precision, save time and reduce the biosecurity risks. You optimize the operational costs and take a step towards professionalization.

Features of the iQon full house computer


A better insight into your animals’ performance

full feed, water, heating and ventilation management

iQon is an all-in-one system. Managing everything in one system is easy and transparent.

Per house and centrally for the entire site

either install an individual computer per house or install a central iQon main computer that communicates with compact iQons (no touchscreens) in the houses. This can also enable you to implement overhead feed transport with tubes, which improves biosecurity.

Large, built-in 12 inch touchscreen

the data on the screen is easy to read. The interface has a clean lay-out and the controls are intuitive.

Error messages when problems arise

the system warns you when an error occurs so you can take action on time.

You have considerable control over the feed process

divide chickens into management groups

set feed strategies per group. The data that is collected gives you an insight (detailed or high-level) into the results of your flocks, houses and site.

Feed curves with your feed strategy

these curves gradually adjust the feed composition and volume during a flock. Reuse them after a successful flock.

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