Sparkcup™ drinking cup

Sparkcup drinking cup with high water flow for all poultry

Sparkcup™ is an automated drinking system with cups for broiler breeders, broilers, layers and turkeys. Sparkcup is the solution for poultry farmers who require a large water flow – up to 600 ml per minute. This is often required in hotter countries. But the demand for a high-performance drinking system is also high for broiler breeders and broilers. If you want to provide easy access to water for animals that drink copious amounts, choose a drinking cup like Sparkcup.

Easy access to water for situations in which animals drink copious amounts

The Sparkcup drinking cup has undergone the same tests as our renowned feeding systems. The system has been designed to be strong and high performing. The durable materials can withstand all commonly used cleaning products, high water pressure and powerful flushing. We have outlined the additional benefits below.

poultry cup drinker sparkcup IMAGE 2 poultry cup drinker sparkcup

Features of the Sparkcup drinking cup

  • more animals per cup
  • small, medium and large cups
  • cups encourage chicks to drink more

Clean and fresh water

self-cleaning effect due to high water pressure

the high water pressure in a Sparkcup drinking system has a self-cleaning effect. The cup system is cleaned automatically.

reliable flushing system for lines

Sparkcup has an extremely useful and thorough solution for flushing the drinking system. The process is simple; you will never skip a flushing session again.

Animal-friendly drinking system

    the SPINsoft perching guard system by Roxell demonstrates that perch protection can be animal-friendly, with no electricity. SPINsoft has wings that rotate on a shaft and prevent chickens from sitting on the drinking line.

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