Soliq liquid feed

Soliq, liquid feed for more consistent results in layers

Commercial layers know what they like. They love pecking at the coarse and tasty particles from the feed. To prevent selective feeding, Agrifirm together with Bonda has developed Soliq*. Soliq is a liquid feed mix that helps layers to develop more consistently. It also results in more eggs being laid and feed being used more efficiently.

How Soliq Works

Soliq is a combination of dry feed and nutritious wet by-product. Before feed is transported to the chicken house, the liquid by-product is added to the wet feed. In the Soliq mix, the fine and course pellets attach to each other, preventing selective pecking during feeding. The liquid mix also helps weaker animals to become stronger.

Fitflo Commercial Layers Liquid Dispense System

Two Roxell systems needed for Soliq

  1. Fit’Flo™ dosing system – to add the wet by-product
  2. Bridolay™ automatic trough feeding system – to mix the liquid feed and distribute it throughout the trough
Fit’Flo™ dosing system

is a patented system for handling liquids. It pours the right amount of wet by-product onto the dry feed in the trough.

Bridolay™ automatic trough feeding system

contains an auger in the trough that mixes the two feed components and rapidly distributes it through the house. Learn more about this feeding system with trough.

Watch the Soliq video:

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