Titan™ feeder pan

Titan™, the largest feeder pan on the market for heavy turkeys

Titan™ is an automated pan feeding system for heavy turkeys. In recent years, these birds have undergone a huge evolution in terms of weight. This XL feed solution anticipates the practical problems that come with feeding these more voluminous and stronger turkeys. With Titan, Roxell has put the largest, strongest and most easy to clean pan on the market. 

Automated feeding system for maximum growth

This feeder pan is designed for every stage of these heavy turkeys’ growth: the nursery, rearing and adult stages.

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Features of the Titan feeder pan

  • The oval shape prevents chicks from standing in the pan after 2 weeks.

Simple management for medium-sized and heavy turkeys

  • Manual or central feed regulation

the adjustment knob makes it easy to set the feed level. Your everyday tasks can be simplified further if you opt for a system with central feed adjustment.

  • Design has special feed windows and a high pan cone

they ensure quick, automated filling, without overfilling. The turkeys are always given sufficient fresh feed, spread over the surface of the pan.

Large volume and circumference

Titan, the most spacious pan on the market

the birds have the best possible access to feed and therefore the best chance of growing to their maximum weight.

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