Siroc Turbo Cannon Heater

Siroc Turbo cannon heater with open combustion for poultry and pig houses

Siroc Turbo™ is a cannon heater that runs on gas or oil with open combustion. This space heater is a high-quality basic solution for poultry and pig houses. Energy efficiency is key as the open combustion means that all the heat generated remains indoors. The energy performance of the Siroc Turbo is therefore very high.

Convection heater that runs on gas or oil for a high-quality basic solution with reliable performance

Safety is a high priority for Siroc Turbo. For example, there are LED lights to indicate the status and any defects, so you can identify the cause of a problem immediately. The list of built-in safety checks can be consulted on this page.

Siroc Turbo cannon heater

Features of Siroc Turbo cannon heater

Energy efficient space heater with top results
  • 100 % efficiency
  • advantages of running Siroc Turbo on gas
  • advantages of running Siroc Turbo on oil
  • All the heat generated is used to heat the space
  • No outflow of combustion gases.

Easy to use and maintain

High-quality materials stainless (chromium alloy) steel

to guarantee a long lifespan, even with intensive cleaning.

Protected against dust and water

the electronic components are housed in a protective IP65 junction box. The burner controls and the gas valve also have an IP value of 65, which means you can use a pressure washer for cleaning.

Open, inspect and clean in the interior

the inspection hatches at the top make it easy to access the heating appliance.

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