Siroc Pure Space Heater

Convection heater that runs on gas with extra-long projection for clean indoor air

The Siroc Pure space heater offers very high performance due to its long-range projection of up to 70 meters (230 ft). In addition, a powerful fan ensures the heat is distributed optimally. In terms of projection, Siroc Pure is a market leader, which means you need fewer heating appliances in large houses.

Features of Siroc Pure space heater

  • 92 % of the heat remains indoors
  • Long-range projection = high performance
  • High-quality materials stainless (chromium alloy) steel
  • Protected against dust and water

Healthy microclimate for chickens = better results

no CO, CO2 and condensate

the chimney carries away the residual CO, CO² and condensate from the combustion process. This means you need less ventilation to keep the indoor air clean, dry and low in ammonia. Siroc Pure therefore improves the condition of the litter. The health and animal welfare of your poultry is improved.

oxygen-rich and quiet living environment

the oxygen in the house is not used in the combustion process. In addition, this quiet space heater produces little turbulence thanks to the laminar air flow of the hot air.

Safe and reliable space heater for poultry

gas supply monitoring

an ionization protection cuts off the gas supply if the flame extinguishes or if the appliance does not ignite.

checks before ignition

the flame protection uses a sensor that checks whether there is enough gas and air before the appliance ignites.

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