Quad Glow® QuadRadiant infrared heater

Quad Glow infrared heater with open combustion for poultry houses

Quad Glow® is a QuadRadiant infrared heater. This device delivers the most powerful IR heat performance in the Roxell range. But while more power often pushes up the energy bill, that isn’t the case with Quad Glow. Quad Glow does have a very high IR heat output, but it is economical on fuel consumption – achieving the perfect balance between performance and energy efficiency.

Infrared heater that runs on gas with powerful and highly efficient heat output

The heat output also has a positive effect on the flock. The details are what make the difference. That is why Quad Glow heat pattern is rectangular. The system distributes heat evenly to every corner of the house, encouraging chickens to make use of the entire space available. That means they move around more freely. Regulating the air humidity is also good for their health.

Features of Quad Glow infrared heating

High-performance and fuel-saving
Wide, rectangular heat pattern

Quad Glow emits a rectangular heat pattern, the same shape as the poultry house. So, infrared heat is delivered to every wall and every corner, requiring less heating equipment.

Uniform heat pattern

the infrared device emits heat where you need it. You heat the bottom part of the house where the animals live rather than the air that you exhaust.

Provides a healthy environment for your chickens


Maximum usage area

by providing a more consistent temperature everywhere, you get the most out of your house. Your chickens can move around more freely and use all the space available to them for feeding and drinking. Your flocks will continue to perform at their best, even in colder periods.

Great air quality

infrared heat also warms and dries the litter, reducing the ammonia. This makes for a better living environment and lower humidity. The healthier your chickens’ environment is, the better the results.

Quality that will last for the years to come

Long service life

Quad Glow heaters require very little assembly at the farm. The stainless steel and aluminum heater takes just a few minutes to put together and the heater is ready to hang, connect and operate. The gas and electronic components are factory built so we guarantee that it is dustproof and waterproof. That means your system is built to last for many years.

Less maintenance

simply spray with compressed air or high-pressure cleaning between new flocks and you are ready to go.

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