Poolai™ feeder pan

Poolai feeder pan, specially designed for rearing layers

Poolai™ is an automatic pan feeding system for rearing layers. It is especially suitable for the first 17 weeks of growth. What is unique about the pan is that it automatically delivers feed to day-old chicks. After all, manual feeding – even in the first few days of a new flock – can be cumbersome. What is more, the Poolai feeding line is highly compact, giving your layers more room to run around. Read on to find out why.

Space-saving feeding system that gets your chicks off to a great start


Features of the Poolai feeder pan

  • Unobstructed feeding line
  • The oval pan offers the most number of feeding points per running meter
  • Compact, space-saving feeding system

Automatic feeding from day one

Feeder pan divided by build of young layers

A low pan and wide grille opening ensure that day-old chicks can access their feed easily. In their first few days, they can climb effortlessly into the pan to feed. After a few days, the chicks can gather neatly around the pan.

Feed delivered up to the top edge

With Poolai, the pan is filled all the way to the top. Day-old chicks can find their feed straight away. Feeding chicks manually, using chickpaper or special feeder pans, is a thing of the past. Save time and effort for your rearing farm.

Poolai feeder page image

Excellent feed distribution for top consistency

Additional focus on feed distribution

Two things are crucial to achieve optimal consistency during rearing: filling the pan evenly and ensuring equal meals for each chicken. The Poolai feeder pan scores top marks on both points, thanks to its ingenious design.

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