KiXoo feeder pan

KiXoo feeder pan for broiler breeders, automatic feeding for females

KiXoo® is an automatic, oval pan feeding system for females that lay fertilized eggs from 18 weeks. At this stage of breeding, the guidelines on feed volume change week by week. The more closely you stick to the feeding plans, the better results you will see. This means a feeding system like KiXoo is an absolute must. Thanks to design of this feeder pan, female broiler breeders eat the right feed amount and composition, without fear of competition from males.

Features of the KiXoo feeder pan

Better than a chain system

    Roxell has developed many innovative concepts for the poultry sector in recent decades. The oval-shaped feeder pan is one of them. Chickens form a nice oval around the pan. Compared to a chain system, an oval pan is nearly 33 % more efficient in space usage. We would be happy to offer a demonstration.
Adjustable feed window width and height

The KiXoo pan feeding system is designed to separate males and females during feeding. Adjustable windows prevent males from pecking away at the females’ feed.

Three to four more day-old chicks per hen

Reduced stress means more fertilized eggs per flock. Feeding can be a stressful time. KiXoo takes the stress away. Every chicken can eat quickly and at the same time, in any corner of the house. A consistent diet is also a factor in the number of fertilized eggs. With a feeder pan, every chicken receives the same feed composition, improving their health and conditions.

Natural Beak Smoothing

Roxell has integrated a rough structure into the bottom of the KiXoo feeder pan. When the females eat, their beaks rub against the rough texture of the pan bottom, which controls the growth of their beaks in a natural way. As a result, the chickens develop well formed beaks.

Suitable for two types of housing concepts

Solution 1: KiXoo during the production phase

If you only handle the production phase in the broiler breeder process, then KiXoo is the right pan feeding system for your females.

Solution 2: KiXoo from day-old chicks to the final lay

If you handle the rearing phase as well as production in the same house, then the KiXoo feeder pan is also right for you. A modified version of the KiXoo feeder pan is suitable for day-old chicks. The KiXoo pan fills up right to the top edge, so chicks can see and reach the feed easily.

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