Air inlets for ventilation

Robust air inlets for ventilation in poultry and pig houses

Roxell air inlets distribute the air at low velocity in poultry and pig houses. In a high-performance ventilation system, inlets deliver fresh air to animals, without creating a draft. Roxell air inlets are made of galvanized steel, making them incredibly robust. Our inlets are built to last.

Easy-to-install air inlet, with no leaks

Combine air inlets with Roxell’s fans and evaporative cooling system to create a truly healthy environment in your houses. Every component has its own purpose: to supply, cool, circulate or extract the air. Roxell ventilation optimizes the climate of the house, improving the overall well-being of your animals.

Features of Roxell air inlets

Invest in durability

Solid construction that will last for years

Roxell air inlet valves are galvanized and extremely robust. They are completely factory assembled, so they are ready to install.

Choose from different dimensions and variants

air inlets are available in a range of heights and widths. Whichever one you choose, a solid and dependable product is guaranteed. There is also a range of mixing fans to choose from to improve your ventilation system’s performance in certain situations, which can be combined with side screens.

Channel air in the right direction

Control air distribution

with mechanical ventilation, it is important for as much air as possible to enter through the inlets. Air leaks can disrupt the circulation and cause drafts that affect your animals. Roxell helps to combat this with side screens, which prevent air from entering through small openings.


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