CoMeo Feeder Pan

CoMeo round feeder pan for the automated feeding of broilers

CoMeo® is an automated pan feeding system for broilers. Choose this feeder pan if you prefer not to allow broilers inside the pan. At Roxell, we call this an open feeder pan. This type of pan does not have a grill. It is a hygienic solution that still allows the feed to be fully accessible. The chicks cannot sleep in the feed and, therefore, all birds have full access to the feed.

Feeding system that prevents broilers from entering the pan. For clean feed that is easily accessible

This feeding system contains a few Roxell patents. Features that you will not find at any other supplier. It is these elements that make the difference for many poultry farmers around the world, as they help to improve the profitability.


Features of the CoMeo feeder pan

  • feeder pan tailored to the size of day-old chicks
  • Feeding broilers from day one
  • feed flow, consistent and around the entire pan = 360°

Adjusting the feed levels

various possible feed settings

you are free to choose any type of feed, because you can simply adjust the feed opening of the pan to the type of feed. The feed volume is also easy to adjust.

Rely on the last pan, the control pan

this separate pan with sensors ensures that the feeding line and pans are filled at the right time. LED lights in the control pan encourage the broilers to also eat from this last pan. The sensor that sends the signal to refill the system, therefore, always gives a prompt at the right time.

Less maintenance

clean the pans more quickly

you can easily open the pan at certain crucial points. You are therefore able to reach the parts that require thorough cleaning. The pan automatically turns when sprayed with a pressure washer, which means you can reach all corners of the pan without any extra effort. This feature can save you a significant amount of time. This crucial element of the design was patented by Roxell.

Suitable for 3 types of housing concepts

  • house with floor housing
  • house with cage systems
  • house with slatted floors

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