Koozii® Group Nest for Broiler Breeders

Koozii, automatic group nest for EU-style houses

The Koozii® group nest is a high-quality nest system that puts your broiler breeders and hatching eggs first. Roxell built this nest on two main pillars: to ensure animal welfare and to handle eggs with care. This resulted in a spacious and comfortable group nest, which delivers superb results for any broiler breeder farm.

Ideal for accommodating hens and handling eggs

Features of the Koozii Group Nest

  • 8 % more nesting space than other nests
  • More eggs within the same time period
  • Fewer floor eggs
  • Largest and most comfortable nest system available

Animal-Friendly Solution

Safe and Controlled

we recommend that broiler breeders leave the nest before the light in the house is switched off in order to keep the nest clean and prevent hens from becoming broody. The Koozii nest comes with an expulsion system, with a movable back wall that moves at brief intervals. A solution that is good for the welfare of the hens.

Strong and Robust Nest Construction


the nest is extremely long-lasting, thanks to a well thought-through design and the use of robust materials, such as nest legs in tough stainless steel.

Hygiene in the nest and on the egg belt

    the nest system contains renowned AstroTurf mats, which gently catch the eggs. The mats are perforated to allow ventilation, and dirt simply falls through the holes.

    Antibiotic-Free Hatching Eggs

    the perforated plastic egg belt prevents infections from hazardous organisms, so the warm, fresh eggs cannot be contaminated.

    Save Time Collecting eggs

    Link Nests To Each Other

    the system uses a central egg collection system and conveyor belts that intersect each other.

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